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Michael Thomas
P.O. Box 12
Westport, MA 02780-0012
United States

Major    Record    Companies    And    Distributors    From    IMII    Listing

Here is the major record companies and major distributors that will be sent to you on your list. They will appear with the names of the CEO's, VP's and A&R's in each company with their personal phone and fax numbers. Company addresses with websites and genre's they are seeking.

1. A & M Records, CA. 2. A & M Records, NY. 3. American Records 4. Arista Records, CA. 5. Arista Records, NY. 6. Arista Records, Nashville, TN. 7. Atlantic Records, CA. 8. Atlantic Records, NY. 9. Atlantic Records, Nashville 10. Bad Boy Records, NY. 11. Big Beat Records 12. Capitol Records, CA. 13. Capitol Records, NY. 14. Capitol Records, Nashville 15. Capricorn Records, GA. 16. Capricorn Records, NY. 17. Columbia Records, CA. 18. Columbia Records, NY. 19. Curb Records, Nashville 20. Def Jam Records, NY. 21. Def Jam Records, CA. 22. Dreamworks, CA. 23. Dreamworks, NY. 24. Dreamworks, Nashville 25. Elektra Records, CA. 26. Elektra Records, NY. 27. Epic Records, CA. 28. Epic Records, NY. 29. Flavor Unit, CA. 30. Flavor Unit, NJ. 31. Geffen Records, CA. 32. Geffen Records, CA. 33. Heavyweight Records 34. Hollywood Records, CA. 35. Interscope Records, CA. 36. Interscope Records, NY. 37. Island Records, NY. 38. Island Records, CA. 39. Jive Records, CA. 40. Jive Records, NY. 41. Laface Records, GA. 42. Laface West Records, CA. 43. Loud Records, CA. 44. Loud Records, NY. 45. Maverick Records, CA. 46. Maverick Records, NY. 47. MCA Records, CA. 48. MCA Records, NY 49. MCA Records, Nashville 50. Mercury Records, CA. 51. Mercury Records, NY. 52. Mercury Records, Nashville 53. Motown Records 54. Polydor Records, CA. 55. RCA Records, NY. 56. RCA Country Records 57. Sony Soundtracks Records 58. Virgin Records, CA. 59. Warner Bros. Records 60. Walt Disney Records 61. Priority Records 62. 550 Music Sony, NY. 63. 550 Music Sony, CA.

Distributors On Listing

1. BMG International 2. Caroline 3. Polygram, Canada 4. Red Ant 5. Caroline Records 6. World Music 7. JFL 8. Sony Music 9. Big Daddy 10. Off Beat 11. Uni Distribution 12. Justice Record Co. 13. Relativity

Here's the names off the list, but it will include the information of who works at these companies and their personal phone and fax numbers of the VP's, CEO's and A & R's with the genre's and addresses.

Besides the listing you will get the step by step information on how to be a publisher. Distribution information, and also radio and mag.s added. It's alot of information and usually only available to music publishers, attornies and professional managers. It has specific information for artists and specific information for songwriters, so no matter which one you are this is great information for you.

If interested please send $22.00 to Michael Thomas, IMII, P.O. Box 12, Westport, MA. 02790-0012

If you have any questions feel free to email me and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks and keep making music!!!

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