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Hi Everyone:

Are you a songwriter or artist looking to have your demo's heard by the major record companies, but don't know how to obtain this task. Well look no further. We are offering a listing with 60 major record companies, with their addresses, A & R names along with personal phone and fax numbers and genre's they are seeking. We will also include how to look professional and get noticed by the record companies where they consider your material solicited and actually listen to it. Step by step information on how to be your own music publisher. Distribution information and distributor listing. Mag.'s and radio station listing. It will give you specific information for artist/songwriters and specific information for songwriters who aren't artists or bands. You will have your own publishing co. by the end of this material. Without the right information you are considered an amateur and your demo's are considered unsolicited and thrown in the trash. This information is rare! Here is a sample of how each record company will appear on your listing:

Atlantic Records 1290 Ave. Of the Americas New York, NY 10104-0498 http// Genre All (contact) Ahmet Ertegun-(title) CEO Phone # (212)-707-2350 Fax # (212)-405-5545 Assistant Lela Logan Frances Chantley (contact) Val Azzoli-(title) co. CEO Phone # (212)-707-2370 fax # (212)-405-5550 Assistant Valarie Rogalski & Lora D. Amico (contact) Ron Shapiro-(title) EX VP Phone # (212)-707-2250 fax # (212)-405-5630 Assistant Dave & Mark (contact) Craig Kallman-(title) EX VP/A&R Phone # (212)-707-2300 Fax # (212)-405-5540 Assistant Steve & Jullian (contact) Yves Beauvais-(title) VP A&R Jazz Phone # (212)-707-2338 fax # (212)-405-5561 Assisant Rachael Fite (Contact) Darren Higman (title) VP soundtrax Phone # (212)-707-2533 fax # (212)-405--5665 Assistant Holly Wormworth

For the names of the companies click on Page 2

This is just the partial listing of one major record company and remember we are offering 60 companies, plus it will include the information needed to be considered somebody to the record companies where they will listen to you. This is the listing that music publishers, professional managers and attornies use to get their artists and demo's heard and placed. You can cut out the middle man who will gain money if they get you picked up. It will also give you the opportunity to decide whether or not you are good enough to go to this level.

With this information we are offering you will become your own music publisher and publishing company, we'll show you how to do this in easy steps. This route of distribution can set you up as your own idie label. Take matters into your own hands and be a success. We will also include information on distribution with a disbribution listing, radio listing, and mag.s and publication listing to get your bands or artists some exposure. This includes all the information needed to be successful in this business!!!!

Many people have asked me what a music publisher does and I would like to take this opportunity to explain. A music publisher works with songs and artists too. Now most of the time people send song demo's or CD's looking to sign a contract. A contract would give the music publisher, usually a year or more to try to get the song picked up by a record company. Now you are competing with tons of demo's and artists and a music publisher can only sign a very limited amount of songs and not necessarily what is better, but what they feel can be placed with a label. You see that's where the money will be earned. A fair contract is a 50/50 split and that is for the life of the copyright not just the contract time. Now even if you are lucky and a music publisher choses your song, they have to get it to the record companies, negative responses or something more important is going to make your material sit on the shelf. This is a good music publisher too. Now instead of sharing your royalties for the life of the song or submitting to tons of small publishers with the hope they will eventually sign you and try to get you picked up. Take it in your own hands and get yourself picked up by a major label. Even if you get rejected at least you tried and had the opportunity to have your songs or artist picked up. For only $22.00 dollars you could change your life by going after your career.

This listing alone goes for $65.00 elsewhere, however we are offering the listing and the information for only $22.00. This is rare information that enabled me to be a music publisher and without it I would have been nowhere. Well here's your opportunity to take your career into your own hands. It's a rare opportunity you won't see again so don't delay. Send $22.00 to IMII, Michael Thomas, P.O. Box 12, Westport, MA.02790-0012 and it will be sent to you promptly and you can get started on a new career!!!

Check out our message board it doesn't matter where you fit in the music business everyone is welcome. Also check out our links for more music sites. Please sign our guestbook.

This Michael .
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Michael Thomas
P.O. Box 12
Westport, MA. 02790-0012
United States

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